Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My obese cat

I am sad to report that my cat, Snoopy is losing her front left paw on Thursday :( It is really bothering me and I feel so horrible but here is the story...

Snoopy hurt her foot sometime on Sunday evening. I noticed it Monday morning. She wasn't putting ANY pressure on it. I wasn't sure how badly she had hurt it so I decided to watch her until Tuesday and then I was going to go from there. I was hoping it was nothing and it would fit itself. Well Tuesday came and it was still pretty bad. She let me touch it and wouldn't get angry with me or even meow but I noticed she wasn't eating and she wasn't acting right. I decided that I was going to take her to an appointment that day.

We got x-rays, blood work(shes 9 years old) and she was seen by the vet. The vet walked in with the x-rays of her good paw and her bad paw...she looked at me and said she didn't have good news. She showed me both x-rays and her bones were severely dislocated. Snoopy has an extra digit on both front paws so she actually have 5 but her fifth digit was ok and her "pointer" bone was ok, the other three were not. They were so badly moved that two of the bones were overlapping. Then came our options.. get it fixed surgically which will cost close to $3000 or amputate her foot. The vet suggested to amputate it because of the cost and she assures me she will do just fine.

So i made the decision to amputate her foot. I am so heartbroken. I cried before we went to the vet to even get it checked out, I cried when I found out and I cried after. It is really getting to me. I also feel bad because she was suppose to come home and then go back on Thursday morning for the surgery but she ended up staying since Tuesday. I also feel like I didn't say goodbye so what happens if she dies?! I know its extreme but I will feel guilty. We got Snoopy from the shelter a year ago. She is 9 years old and been adopted twice that we know of and I want her to know I didn't leave her!

Well I will be blogging when I get her home on Friday after surgery because she will be back home and we will have some changes around the house since her food and liter box is up high so the dog doesn't eat them! Well until next time...

Monday, May 23, 2011

Tummy Time...

The big.

The bad.

The ugly.

The thing that will make you want to pull your hair out...

So Kennedy HATES tummy time. I have said it before but really, I am not joking. She will SCREAM her head off. It is almost instant too. Give her 10 seconds on her tummy and she will scream bloody murder. I have tried all the tips from Pathways Awareness ( ) but they don't seem to matter. I can sometimes get her to settle for a tiny bit of time but really, she just hates it. I have to leave her in her pack n' play and walk away for 5-10 mins and let her scream. Its so sad (not to mention the headache it causes). I have told her pediatrician and she didn't really say anything. I know its so important to her development and she needs to learn how to crawl but for about one small part of my day, will someone take over tummy time for me?! I will take any pointers that anybody has as this point!!!

Kennedy fell asleep while screaming about tummy time.