Monday, May 23, 2011


So recently, as all the WLS community knows, there was a meet & greet in Vegas. (which btw, I am super sad I did not get to go!) There has been numerous posts/talks/videos. I am just so over people acting like teenagers! This is a community, which is growing but gets a lot of shit for "taking the easy way out". We have ALL heard it whether its from family, friends or strangers. We ALL use to be obese...I was 320 lbs at my highest. We ALL use to get picked on, ridiculed and people were SO mean to us. So why now are we being mean to others? Yes, I don't know every bit of every side of every story from this but I still think its stupid! Sarah is so right! Her video is below and really just out right says what needs to be said.

Utlimate lesson...


the end.

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